banana mini muffins

I had a donut for breakfast today. It was a maple bar. I just had to say that. It seemed right.

Also today, I baked banana mini muffins. I had old bananas that needed a good mashing. My house smells good now.

I used a recipe I found on They could have stronger banana flavor, but that’s probably because my bananas could’ve used one or two more days of browning time. That’s what I get for being impatient. Impatient and overbooked (I won’t have time to bake again until next week).

banana muffins - pre-baking

Tomorrow after work, I am being kicked out of my house. My husband is having a boy’s only evening. Rude.

But on a more positive note, and a direct side effect of being kicked out, I am going blueberry picking! I will be staying with a dear friend in Seattle while my hubby has boy time, and she found a u-pick berry farm for us to check out. I’ve never berry picked before. I’m pretty excited about it.  I’ll let you know how it goes, and what I decide to make with my fresh berries!


This is my cat. Her name is Kitty.  I know. Very original and creative. That’s how we roll.

Cute, right?

And this is my dinner. I’m healthy.