DIY spice jars

There have been a lot of projects going on at our house in the recent weeks.

Inspired by some friends and neighbors, Brad and I have begun to revamp our household. In little ways here and there, a few things at a time.

Originally we had talked about moving closer to his work.  Right now, my commute to work is 10 minutes by bicycle while he spends 2 hours in a car each way (it’s only 30 miles, but traffic makes it horrendous).

But after talking over the budget and looking at our debt-pay-off plan, we realized that moving probably wouldn’t be the best decision. So instead, we’ve been finding little things to do around our house that will make it more of what we want.

Last week, I found a small DIY project for spice jars online.

We had a ton of these little jars left over from our wedding (I put jelly beans in them as wedding favors).

We had nearly 40 of them left, and about 30 spices in the cabinet that needed new homes.

Our house was built in the 1920’s and has a built-in spice cabinet in the kitchen that, I think, used to house an ironing board.

(Please ignore the ugly door pulls.)

On Saturday, I counted out the correct number of jars.

Then I spray painted all of their lids with a black matte spray paint that I picked up at Fred Meyer for less than $3.

After the lids dried, I wrote the names of the spices on each lid with a silver metallic sharpie.

Metallic sharpies may be the best invention ever, by the way. Amazing.

After writing each name in my best handwriting (which still isn’t the greatest), I filled each of the jars.  For some of the jars it was fairly easy, but for others I had to use a funnel I’d made out of printer paper and some blue painters tape (it was the only tape I could find).

The finished product.  It turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

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The last couple of weeks have been ridiculous.  Ridiculously ridiculous.

And not in a good way.

People are moving, things are changing, and it’s been a pretty hectic, emotionally-trying time.

I won’t get into the details here, but I wanted to say that I haven’t forgotten you.

I have several posts started about blackberry cobbler and our recent recent trip to Lake Tahoe, so I’ll get to those sometime soon.

In the meantime, here’s a little Kitty…

Busy bees

It has been pretty busy around these parts lately.  Weekends have been crammed full, and we haven’t had much time to relax over the last few weeks.  The summer weather has really just arrived in this part of the country, but in all honesty, I’m pretty ready for September to be here.  Cooler temperatures (80-degree temps are too hot in WA. I’m a heat weenie), and more free time.  I can’t wait!

This last weekend, Brad and I went on a family camping trip with his parents and his brother.  After taking the long way, on what was supposed to be a quick little road trip over to the coast, and a mishap with another camper that almost came to fisticuffs ( not really fisticuffs… but dude took over our site before we got there, and then asked if we wanted to trade!?), we set up camp and lit a fire.  We weren’t there but a few hours before it was time for bed…. at 10pm..  I get tired on Fridays. What?

We spent Saturday playing games, flying kites, and reading at the beach. We also visited the coastal fishing town of Westport. I had the biggest donut of my life. The giantness of it and the sugar gave me a headache, but it was worth it. I would totally do it again.

Here’s some photos from our weekend:

banana mini muffins

I had a donut for breakfast today. It was a maple bar. I just had to say that. It seemed right.

Also today, I baked banana mini muffins. I had old bananas that needed a good mashing. My house smells good now.

I used a recipe I found on They could have stronger banana flavor, but that’s probably because my bananas could’ve used one or two more days of browning time. That’s what I get for being impatient. Impatient and overbooked (I won’t have time to bake again until next week).

banana muffins - pre-baking

Tomorrow after work, I am being kicked out of my house. My husband is having a boy’s only evening. Rude.

But on a more positive note, and a direct side effect of being kicked out, I am going blueberry picking! I will be staying with a dear friend in Seattle while my hubby has boy time, and she found a u-pick berry farm for us to check out. I’ve never berry picked before. I’m pretty excited about it.  I’ll let you know how it goes, and what I decide to make with my fresh berries!


This is my cat. Her name is Kitty.  I know. Very original and creative. That’s how we roll.

Cute, right?

And this is my dinner. I’m healthy.

Cookies & Wine

Hi. My name is Carlee.  I like cookies.  And I like wine.

I also like lots of other things.  Most of those things are food or related to food. I won’t list them. We’ll get there.  I’ve got to be a little mysterious, ya know?

I’m married, and I have a cat. My cat is cute, and my husband likes to make up little weird songs. (Oh, he’s pretty cute, too.)

I’m currently rediscovering my love for baking (even though my kitchen is tiny).

Also, I’m realizing how much I enjoy drinking wine while I bake.

gluten-free chocolate chocolate chip